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Terms & Conditions

Hey Congratulations! You have landed to the most important page on our
website. Most of the Digital Marketing and SEO companies will hide it and never disclose the same to a
client, but WE DON’T. Please take your time and go through them so that we can build more trust in
between each other and maintain a long-term business relationship in this Digital World Thanks…

 Acceptance of Terms: By using the website of Ebizpro you are deemed to agree and accept our
terms and conditions and privacy policy as well.
 Ebizpro has got the complete right to change the terms and conditions and privacy policy at any
time. If we are making any changes on the terms and conditions and privacy policy and let’s say
you are not aware about that, sorry but we are not liable for that. Hence keep yourself updated
with Ebizpro’ s terms and conditions and privacy policy as well. If you feel that you are going to
accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy for the website, kindly refrain from using it.
 Ebizpro is a complete and one stop shop Digital Marketing Company that any business clients or
business owners look for as they get all the digital marketing services starting from web design,
e-commerce web design, seo services, social media marketing promotions, paid advertisement
such are done on (google, facebook and instagram), brand logo design, email marketing, lead
generation services & custom business survey processes. Any client, customer or buyer
purchasing any or all the services listed above are agreeing to our terms and conditions and
privacy policy and to its service level agreement as well.
 The term of the agreement starts from the date when the client enrolls for our services and will
end when terminated by either party with the terms and SLA.
 Ebizpro has the complete authority and right to show case its brand identity on all the websites
designed by Ebizpro and it does not require the clients or customers concern.
 Ebizpro offers some products or services to its clients which are renewable services and
products. The renewable time can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. The
same renewal process and time will be informed during the sale or purchase to the client or
buyer either on the recorded sales call or from our business email. If the client or buyer is failing
to make the payment on the exact renewal date for the product and services they opt in, they
will be charged with a penalty fee for 2% / day on the product or services price offered to them.
Further failure on payment to Ebizpro and leads to a highly overdue account balance, Ebizpro
team will try to reach the customer multiple times via phone calls and emails and still if the
customer ignores Ebizpro for not paying the overdue amount. Ebizpro team will be forced to
take legal actions against the client or customer and the client or customer will be liable for all
collections cost, including debt collectors, including without limitations, attorneys fee. If the
client is a serious business owner and wants to sort out any payment overdue matters or issues,
we are always happy to assist them.
 Ebizpro website has got an online shop where the clients can log in, browse and make the
necessary purchases for the products and services that Ebizpro offers to uplift any nature of
businesses online. Great news for those business clients is the shop is safe and secured and we
do not store any card details or payment details.

 Ebizpro owns or has the license to or otherwise permitted by law to use the trademarks,
copyright and intellectual property rights of the site and its content including (but not limited to)
the website design, graphics, text, source codes and all software connected with the website.
 Using this website, you are agreeing to access the content only for your personal and non-
commercial use home use. You cannot download, copy, transmit, reproduce, store, distribute or
sell the content without the prior and written consent of Ebizpro.
 All amounts owed by the client to Ebizpro for Services rendered prior to the verified cancellation
date must be paid in full. There will be no prorating for partial months throughout the
Agreement. Due to account security and privacy concerns, all billing related questions and
cancellation requests MUST be made in writing or via email. Cancellation requests will only be
processed if made by the initial authorizing party and if received in writing. There will be no
refunds of any monies for any cancellation requests made after the cooling-off period of 2 days
from the date of order. For security and training purposes, all calls, inbound and outbound,
made through Ebizpro corporate offices are digitally recorded and the recordings form a part of
the verbal contract between Ebizpro and the client. Any cancellations done after the cooling-off
period by the client, for any reason, will lead to a full payment of the agreed price and
immediate termination of the contract, unless otherwise mutually agreed between Ebizpro and
the Client.
 By submitting any personal details on our website, you indicate your acceptance towards the
terms and conditions and privacy policy, still if you have any concerns please feel free to reach
out to us.